Where do I start?

Planning approval and  building permits are two seperate development application processes required before a development can commence. In most cases both planning and building approval will be required, however there are instances when only one is required.

Planning approval is required for most building works and/or when changing the use of a site. Some development and uses are exempt from having to gain planning approval. 

If you are looking at undertaking work on your property or changing the use of the site (e.g. shop, office etc) it is advisable you check if you require planning approval by contacting the City’s planning department on 9432 9999 or planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au.

A building permit is required for any works of a structural nature. For more information on gaining a building permit go to building permits

Subdivision approval
is granted by the Western Australian Planning Commission. For more information on subdivision visit the subdivision page.

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Important things to know about your property
What information is required to lodge a planning application?
How are planning applications assessed?

Important things to know about your property

Prior to proposing a development or change of use there are a few things you should know about your property that will help when making your planning application. These include:

  • What is the zoning and density coding (R-coding) of your property?
  • Are there any important planning policies that apply to the site?
  • Is the property heritage listed?

You can check all of these things by locating your property on the City online mapping system. This information, and more, is included on the 'planning' and 'heritage' modules. The policies page is also helpful for copies of any of the City's local planning policies.

What information is required to lodge a planning application?

The following information is required to lodge a planning application:

Additional forms required for signage and liquor licence applications:

For development assessment panel applications see development assessment panel application requirements.

Please note: developments valued over $2m require an EFT transfer for payment of planning application fees of over $10 000. Please contact the City's customer service staff prior to lodging an application.

Planning applications can be lodged in person or by mail. To lodge a planning application by mail  post all required documentation above and payment to:

Planning department
City of Fremantle
PO BOX 807
Fremantle WA 6959

How are planning applications assessed?

The City assesses a proposed development application and/or land use planning application against certain criteria to approve or refuse an application. Applications are either determined by delegated authority or by council. The criteria used for assessment includes:

Where a development has the potential to affect surrounding properties, the City will undergo a consultation process. Comments received through that process are taken into account when making a decision on the development.