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We run an Evening Legal Service (ELS) to provide clients with legal advice on a range of different issues.

This service is by appointment only. We offer one-off appointments are for 30 minutes every second Wednesday evening, 5–8pm.

There is no eligibility criteria required to have an ELS appointment (except where there may be a conflict of interest). These one-off appointments are available to anyone residing in the Perth metropolitan area.

Our ELS lawyers generously work on a pro bono (voluntary) basis and can assist with issues such as:

  • criminal law (including traffic offences)
  • civil and commercial law (including debts)
  • inheritance, wills and estates
  • family law (including property law)
  • employment law
  • personal injuries
  • any other area of law (depending on the expertise of the lawyer).

Our ELS lawyers cannot:

  • review or draft any documents
  • draft any letters
  • provide ongoing assistance
  • provide more than a 30 minute appointment for advice.

Make an enquiry

There are exceptions to our eligibility criteria. If you are unsure if you would be eligible to access our service, please complete an online enquiry.

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