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Event sponsorship

Each year the City receives a number of unsolicited requests for event sponsorship. Sponsorship is defined as cash and/or in-kind support that is provided by the City to an external party with an expectation that the City and/or its community receive a benefit from the sponsorship, directly or indirectly (i.e. a return on investment), usually in the form of a marketing benefit.

This is distinct from a grant that is provided by the City to an external party for a specific outcome that directly benefits the community and where an acquittal of funds is required.

The City’s event sponsorship policy deals with sponsorship requests made by external parties to the City of Fremantle. Sponsorship requests may be for cash sponsorship, in-kind sponsorship, or a combination of both.

The policy is designed to assist the City of Fremantle to:

  • Achieve the vision and goals articulated within its strategic plan and related or supporting documents.
  • Ensure that all forms of sponsorship provided by the City of Fremantle provides an adequate return on investment for the Fremantle community and/or the organisation.
  • Provide clear guidance in relation to the consistent and transparent management of event sponsorship requests.


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