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Large & Major Events Expression of Interest

The City of Fremantle is inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) from experienced promoters and event organisers to deliver Large and Major scale events at our most prestigious outdoor event venues.

Large and Major scale events held at outdoor event venues will be subject to an EOI process. The EOI process will be used to proactively seek a broad range of complementary Large and Major impact events across the City.

These events will support the City’s events calendar and will secure provisional approval for the upcoming season. Provisional approval is the first step in the event application process and secures the date and venue for the event. 

Whilst Large and Major scale events can be supported outside the EOI process, venue and date availability will be limited. Small and Medium scale event applications are processed year-round. 

Assessment Criteria

The City has developed assessment criteria that will be used to assess applications. This assessment criteria will deliver the best outcome for the community, visitors and businesses.

What are we looking for?

  • New and unique event ideas

  • Events that contribute to Fremantle being recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its festivals and street life.

  • Events that incorporate local business and allow them to take an active role in the event.

  • Increased stay in Fremantle through the creation of interesting and diverse activities. 

  • Engage, include and connect a range of people in our community, providing diverse opportunities for engagement and participation.

  • Events that minimise community impact and maximise economic and community benefit.

What are we not looking for?

  • Events that will directly compete with established businesses or activities in the local area.

  • Events that don't positively reflect Fremantle's brand and reputation.

What you will need to apply?

  1. Familiarise yourself with the prospectus which contains information on the opportunity, assessment criteria, details on the process and outdoor venues.

  2. Fill in the application form and attach a formal event proposal addressing the assessment criteria. 

We also encourage you to read the Outdoor Event Policy before applying.

  Key Dates

EOI applications for Large and Major events to be held in 2024 are open from Wednesday 2 August, and close on Wednesday 30 August 2023.

Event organisers may apply outside of the EOI application period, however this process forms the basis for the City’s events calendar and therefore availability may be limited.

Contact us

For more information on the EOI process or the event application process, contact


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