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FOGO for apartments

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The City of Fremantle is now rolling out the FOGO bin service to residents living in a multi-unit development (MUD).

The FOGO three-bin system collects food and garden waste from the landfill bin, allowing it to be recycled into compost instead of rotting in landfill, where it produces harmful methane gases.

Due to the complexity of MUD's, a quick on-site assessment maybe required before changing the bin service. We recognise that in a small number of cases not every MUD is suitable for FOGO.

If you would like your complex to go FOGO contact Waste Services on 1300 MY FREO (1300 693 736).

Your new service

Each MUD is a different shape and size, so City officers will work out the best solution to service the property.


Lid colour

Size options



Lime green

140L, 240L




240L, 360L




140L, 240L, 660L, 1100L

Fortnightly (or weekly*)

*Weekly collection of 660L or 1100L landfill skip bins are for large complexes and will depend on the capacity required.


Each apartment or unit using the FOGO bins will receive a caddy pack containing:

  • Caddy to place in your kitchen
  • Compostable caddy liners
  • Flyers on using the service and alternatives to caddy liners
  • Bin stickers or magnets.

If more assistance is required, a free 20-minute education session is available for residents who would like some one-on-one information. Bin stickers or signs for bin rooms may also be of assistance (subject to availability). Please contact Waste Services on 1300 MY FREO (1300 693 736).


Most asked questions about the FOGO service are available here.

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