FOGO a go-go

Fremantle Council has approved the implementation of a new Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) waste service and the purchase of new bins.

The new system will be introduced to more than 13 000 residential households in Fremantle in July and August next year and will include:

  • Weekly collection of a new 240 litre FOGO bin (with a lime green lid).
  • Fortnightly collection of the existing 240 litre co-mingled recycling bin (yellow lid).
  • Fortnightly collection of a new 140 litre general waste bin (red lid).

The introduction of the three bin system is an important step towards the City meeting its One Planet Strategy target of achieving a 70 per cent community recycling rate by 2020.

Read the media release.

Music in this video by Bensound.