Unique food vehicle project

Unique Food Vehicle 

The City of Fremantle aims to utilise public open space and support the international mobile food truck trend while allowing vendors the opportunity to provide an alternative offering to regular take-away food and new interesting food experiences.

To align with the City of Fremantle’s objective a unique food vehicle should:

  • engage the community
  • provide, healthy, good quality and culturally unique food
  • provide affordable food
  • provide only safe food

Mayor Brad Pettitt was quoted in STM’s article on food trucks as saying; “The City is supportive of this initiative, which it expects will be a big hit with locals and tourists and will add to the culture and diversity of Fremantle."

Trading locations

See the City’s approved trading locations in the map and table below:

Approved trading locations

Day trading locations
(7am–9pm - red dots

  1. Parmelia Park
  2. Booyeembara Park
  3. Port Beach car park
  4. North South Beach (dog beach)
  5. Valley Park
  6. Leighton Beach 
  7. Bruce Lee Reserve
  8. Lookout Park
  9. Moorni Boorn Park
  10. Griffiths Park
  11. Grigg Park
  12. Horrie Long Reserve (time limitations with location)
  13. Sir Frederick Samson Park

 Evening trading locations
(6–9pm - blue dots)

  1. Esplanade Park
  2. Main South Beach car park
  3. Westgate Mall
  4. Pioneer Park (opposite the Fremantle train station)
  5. East Street Jetty Park and Beach Reserve(6.00 pm – 9.00 pm, Monday –Thursday only)
  6. Queen Square
  7. Notre Dame (corner Phillimore Street and Henry Street)
  8. Kings Square

New applications for unique food vehicles

The City's Environmental Health Services issues a restricted number of unique food vehicle licences each year. If you wish to have the opportunity to apply to trade as a unique food vehicle in future please contact the City of Fremantle's Environmental Health Services on 1300 693 736 or email health@fremantle.wa.gov.au and request to be placed on their unique food vehicle waiting list.

Traders on the list will be invited to apply for a licence when a trading spot becomes available. In the meantime if you would like to apply to trade at one the City of Fremantle approved events or markets you can find the relevant information here.  


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