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Fremantle and South Fremantle 40km/h precinct

Project timeline

July 2021

Objects and benefits

Road trauma has a devastating effect on the community. From minor dings that cost both time and money to major incidents involving loss of life, if there are steps that government bodies can take to reduce the severity of road trauma it should be explored and acted upon. 

A reduction in speed from 50km/h to 40km/h can decrease the risk of serious injury by as much as 30%.

South Fremantle has enjoyed a growth in activity through increased business’s operating attracting patrons as well as the locals and visitors enjoying the world class beaches and reserves in the area. More activity means more people on the roads and the risks of an incident occurring increase.

Given the opportunity, why wouldn’t a lowered speed limit on our local roads be pursued?

The reduced speed limit was approved by both the City of Fremantle Council and Main Roads WA in 2020, however requires the installation of signage across Fremantle's road network before the speed limit comes into effect.


The speed zone covers all local roads west of Hampton Road and Ord Street in Fremantle:

Latest updates

A new 40km/h speed limit is now in effect within Fremantle and South Fremantle. Signage was installed South Fremantle during July.

Media releases

12 November 2020 | South Fremantle to become 40km/h speed zone

Frequently asked questions

Are the speed humps being removed on South Terrace now?

Not immediately. The speed reduction and South Terrace intersection treatments are complimentary initiatives focused on improving road safety.

As the intersection treatments are completed, the rubber speed humps being used on South Terrace will become redundant features and in time removed.

Why not include all of Fremantle, Beaconsfield, white Gum Valley, etc as well?

At present, we are focused on providing initiatives that will provide the most benefit. South Fremantle has a vibrant atmosphere with many more pedestrians and cyclists on the roads.

Most of the smaller local roads already support 40km/h speeds through their inherit constraints such as physical road width, high on street parking numbers and relatively short, non-connecting lengths.

Will it take me longer to drive to my destination?

Increased travel times will be experienced by the individual, however the overall benefit will be for the community.

Who will enforce these lowered speeds?

WA Police are still the authority for infringing drivers for breaking the law. If there is a repeated speeding issue, the City of Fremantle can be contacted for further investigation.

There is a new speed sign on my verge that is obstructing my driveway. Can I have it moved please?

Signage placement for the speed change will be managed by the City of Fremantle with the physical signs installed by Main Roads WA. Signs will only be relocated for practical reasons and not aesthetic ones. Care will be taken when installing the signs to respect residents verge gardens and the like.

If there is a mistake or the installation is causing concern, contact the City’s Infrastructure Engineering design team for assistance on 9432 9999.

Resources and further information

The Road Safety Commission Speed Management information sheet weighs in at 14 pages of facts and research into speed and the effects on road safety. The core message is quite simple and reads;

“One of the most significant and immediate ways of producing road safety benefits and reducing road trauma is to reduce the average travel speed across the network.”

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