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Fundraising with Containers for Change

During 2021-22, the City of Fremantle Containers for Change returned $582,204 back to the community, $40,000 of this donated to local charities and groups.

This Fundraising Drive is a new initiative to help schools, sporting groups, clubs, or organisations raise funds for a new project or donation for a cause. It’s easy, free, and great for the environment.

Celebrate your achievement after the drive with your school community. Please share your stories with the City too.

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Sources of eligible containers

Provide a collection point at your school for students to bring eligible containers from home. Speak to local businesses, or maybe a letterbox drop around the school to residents.

Promotion of your fundraiser

Promote the fundraiser to the school community in the school newsletter, social media, posters around the school, at an assembly or in letters to parents.

Make sure to provide details on what is acceptable and where people can drop the beverage containers too.


Event Bins

A 240L collection bin can hold up to 250 containers, worth $25. Bins come with signage and can be collected or dropped off. They need to be kept in a secure location.


A courtesy trailer is available to loan for a week and is perfect to collect large amounts of containers for school drives or events. The trailer typically can hold around 3000 beverage containers worth $300.

The trailer contains six 240L wheelie bins which can be moved around the school or event. There is also enough space to include additional bags to maximise the drive.

Please note that it is the hirer's responsibility to tow the trailer to and from the Containers for Change Refund Point.

Please email us if you are interested:

Printable Resources

Available on request are templates for; a donation tracker, award certificate, school fundraising poster, letter template, and processing guide.

Get started or questions

After reading this guide, decide what you would like to do and what resources you need.

Contact us at