Fremantle Volunteer Service

The Fremantle Volunteer Service is a free referral service funded by the City of Fremantle and the Department of Communities that offers volunteers a wide range of opportunities with many different member agencies.

Volunteering in Fremantle

Fremantle has a strong sense of community, with volunteers offering their services to help make this area a special place to live, work and visit. Opportunities are available for volunteers to gain new skills, share their knowledge and meet new people.

The Fremantle Volunteer Service can help you get started, with opportunities available in over 90 different not-for-profit organisations. Volunteering can be long term, short term or one off. Phone for a free, friendly, no obligation appointment or complete the confidential volunteer information form to find out more. For current opportunities, click here.

To browse an extensive list of volunteer opportunities, visit Go Volunteer.

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Fremantle Volunteer Service FAQs

Are volunteers covered by Workplace Agreements?

Unlike paid staff, volunteers are not covered by awards or workplace agreements; however there are some legislated rights. Volunteering Australia promotes the following as the basic rights of a volunteer:  Volunteer rights.

Are volunteers covered by insurance?

If you are referred to a formal volunteer position you should be covered by:

  • public liability insurance and
  • volunteer personal accident insurance to cover you while carrying out your work on behalf of an organisation.

We recommend you confirm the insurance cover with the volunteer coordinator when you have your first meeting.

What kind of support can I expect?

You can usually expect to participate in orientation, training and learning opportunities that will familiarise you with the service and the role you have chosen.

There may be opportunities for training courses or workshops and some agencies may provide certificates to add to your resume.

Are volunteers reimbursed for expenses?

Some community organisations are able to reimburse volunteers for out of pocket expenses such as mileage costs of using your own vehicle etc. Always ask.

Do I need a police clearance and/or references?

Depend on what type of volunteer work you do; community organisations may require a National Police Clearance or a Working with Children Check. Some organisations cover the cost of these checks for volunteers.

What do I need to provide to organisations?

You may be asked to provide the names of referees so the agency can learn a little more about you.

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Agencies seeking volunteers

The Fremantle Volunteer Service (FVS) is a free referral service that will help organisations to recruit suitable volunteer assistance for long or short term needs. Please contact FVS if you would like more information about attracting and retaining volunteers.

 Becoming a member agency with the FVS provides the following benefits:

  • access to the volunteer referral service;
  • assistance with designing volunteer positions;
  • promotion of your group to volunteers and the wider community;  and
  • information, resources and training regarding volunteer management.

You can become a member of the FVS if you are a:

  • not for profit group;
  • Government department; or,
  • Business with a project that has broad community benefit that is not for individual profit or gain. 

To become a member with the FVS please send us:

Public Liability Insurance

To cover an organisation for its legal liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with the insured organisation’s business activities.

Personal Accident Insurance

To cover volunteers for any out-of-pocket expenses following accidental injury, disability or death while carrying out their work on behalf of the organisation.  This type of insurance would normally cover loss of income.

National Police Checks for volunteers

Did you know that you can register your organisation to obtain National Police Checks for volunteers at a reduced price?

The cost of a National Police Check can be a real barrier for someone wishing to volunteer.  Registered organisations receive a greatly reduced volunteer fee, reducing the financial burden on the volunteer and enabling them to begin volunteering with your organisation as early as possible.

To support your volunteers in obtaining a National Police Check, register your organisation with the Department for Local Government and Communities for volunteer National Police Checks or for more information click here.

Your organisation may also consider reimbursing or covering the cost to volunteers for National Police Checks, depending on your volunteer policy.

Recognising your volunteers

Volunteers make an important contribution in our community and play a vital role in the organisations they volunteer within. Volunteering Australia offers hints and tips on ways to recognise the efforts of volunteers within your organisation, click here.

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Contact us

The Fremantle Volunteer Service
The Meeting Place
245 South Terrace
South Fremantle WA 6162
T 08 9432 9676

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.00 am–2.00 pm.
Catch the CAT bus in Fremantle and hop off at blue CAT stop number 8 or 9.

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This facility is accessible. For more information visit the Disability access and inclusion page.