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Garage Sale Trail


Last November, Australia’s festival of pre-loved stuff came to Freo.


It’s garage sales made easy. With a free listing on the national map, sale tips, promotional resources, and touch-free PayPal QR code payments, Garage Sale Trail does the heavy lifting so you can focus on selling your stuff.

Suitable for houses, apartment blocks, schools, organisations, and businesses!


It’s Australia’s biggest pre-loved treasure hunt with three million items up for grabs at 10,000 garage sales nationally. From acid wash denim to leg warmers, vintage vinyl, Rubik’s cubes, and even the odd banana phone, you’ll find all sorts of epic stuff at 80s prices over two huge Garage Sale Trail sale weekends.

It’s the circular economy in action, dedicated to helping you declutter, make or save some money and extend the life of your stuff.

Register on the Garage Sale Trail website.



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