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Get involved

There are many ways you can personally get involved with action on climate change and other environmental issues.

One Planet Living

Bioregional, the not-for-profit organization that developed the One Planet Living framework used by the City of Fremantle to plan and track its sustainability progress, has some great advice for individuals looking to achieve One Planet Living.

1 million women

The City of Fremantle was a founding partner for the 1 Million Women app, which aims to give people the tools through daily actions to cut their carbon pollution in their everyday life. Specifically, their focus is on empowering women globally to take climate action in their own life and enable women to create communities locally and globally of like-minded people.

The App is currently free for all and available globally.
User of the App can:

  • Can choose between easy, moderate or challenging actions every day that tackle food waste, promote a zero-waste lifestyle, reduces household energy consumption, cuts fast fashion
  • Monitor their impact by seeing their carbon savings for each action and the collective impact of others who are completing the same actions
  • Read articles from app partners
  • Join a live conversation feed and chat with people globally about climate action

For further information visit: 1 Million Women


Ask if your bank or superfund invests in fossil fuel projects – if they do, you can make the choice to move your money to a more environmentally responsible institution.

For further information visit: What you need to know about fossil fuel divestment


Help us advocate for action on the climate and biodiversity emergency by getting in touch with your local member of parliament and letting them know this is important to you.

State representatives

You can check which electorate you’re in by visiting Electoral Boundaries WA and putting in your postcode or suburb. City of Fremantle is covered by the Fremantle electorate for the Legislative Assembly and the South Metropolitan Region for the Legislative Council. Visit Member List ( for your current sitting member of parliament.

Federal representatives

City of Fremantle is in the Federal Electorate of Fremantle. Visit Senators and Members – Parliament of Australia ( to find the current Member for Fremantle and Western Australian senators.

Writing to your local MP

When writing to your local MP, be sure to introduce yourself and explain you are a member of their electorate. You can then tell them about specific concerns you have regarding the climate and biodiversity emergency, and state clearly what you want the MP to do. This could include committing to:

  • Facilitating the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Requiring major resources projects to offset their carbon emissions.
  • Investment in substantially expanding networks of sustainable transport modes, such as cycling, walking and public transport so that these options become viable alternatives to private cars for all people.
  • Investment in infrastructure to support the transition to all electric cars, buses and trucks by 2025 and support local manufacturing of all types of road transport vehicles.
  • Supporting local governments to climate proof their communities as we increasingly feel the worsening impacts of climate change.
  • Basing climate change and environmental strategies on scientific recommendations.

Reducing waste

The City of Fremantle has partnered with some excellent organisations that will help you to reduce your environmental impact:


Find a local “Friends of” group and meet other likeminded people while working to improve our bushland and grow community gardens. The City of Fremantle also has 11 Community Precinct Groups which allow members to take an active role in providing input into the operations of the local government.

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