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Helping to End Homelessness


“Homelessness is a process, not just an outcome. It seldom occurs overnight, unless there is a fire or natural disaster. If it is a process, where is the exact cutting point between people who are “going through hard times,” living in “housing distress” and “barely making ends meet” compared to folks who have crossed into what is considered homelessness? Counting only people who are in shelters or living on the street misses those who are not visibly homeless or in the process of falling downward” (Vissing, Y, Nilan, D, Hudson, C (2019) Changing the Paradigm of Homelessness. Routledge).  

The City of Fremantle is committed to supporting all members of the community including those experiencing extreme social exclusion resulting in the risk of or experiencing homelessness.

The City works in strong collaboration with local service providers and has a focus on providing the appropriate information and resources to connect people who require support with service providers. 

In order to localise Western Australia's 10 Year Stratergy, the City of Fremantle has developed a four year Homelessness Action Plan 2021-24 providing a formalised plan to address Homelessness in the community. 

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