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Hilton underground power

Image of Hilton streetscape with underground power works

The Hilton Network Renewal Undergrounding Program Pilot currently underway in Hilton is the product of a Western Power–City of Fremantle partnership to deliver a safer and more reliable power supply.

The removal of unsightly overhead wires will greatly enhance the appearance of Hilton. There will be new light posts and LED street lighting installed, trees will be able to flourish, and streets will be cooler and more pedestrian friendly.

How will underground power benefit me?

  • Improved public safety—with improved street lighting neighbourhoods are safer, and by removing poles there are fewer car collisions.
  • Improved reliability and security—once the power is underground, you’ll experience fewer disruptions after major storm events, which means fewer power outages.
  • Improved street appearance—who doesn’t want to live on a nice looking street? No power lines create a more aesthetically pleasing neighbourhood.
  • Increased property value—the absence of poles and wires and the inclusion of new street lighting has a positive impact on property values.
  • Reduction in street tree pruning—no need to worry about trees getting in the way of poles anymore! It will also save on maintenance costs, while also allowing the tree canopy to flourish.
  • Lower life-cycle costs—underground power has minimal maintenance and operating costs.
  • Improved opportunity for emerging technologies—helps pave the way for innovation and caters better to future power demand. 

Included areas

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Frequently asked questions

Who is paying for the program?

Western Power will fund all of the new network infrastructure and the new LED streetlights and the City will fund the connection of residential properties to the network.

The total cost of the project is around $11.3 million. Western Power will contribute around $10 million to the project, the City of Fremantle will fund the remaining $1.3 million.

The City’s contribution will be recovered through a service charge levied on properties affected by the program.

What is the cost per property?

The cost per property depends on the specific work required for that property, as assessed by Western Power. In some instances, there will be no charge as underground connection from the property boundary to the meter panel already exists. Other properties will require either a full connection or more work to connect an existing underground cable to the network.

Properties will be charged according to the fee structure determined for the following categories:

Connection descriptions and costs

NPNC: New pillar, new consumer main ($2,713.35)

A new Western Power pillar is required either on the lot or the adjacent lot.

New underground consumer mains cable is required from the new Western Power pillar to the meter box.

NPEC: New pillar, existing consumer main ($38.56)

A new Western Power pillar is required either on the lot or the adjacent lot.

The lot has underground consumer mains running from the existing consumer pole/pillar to the meter box.

The consumer mains can be disconnected from the existing consumer pole/pillar and terminated into the new Western Power pillar.

EPNC: Existing pillar, new consumer main ($2,674.79)

There is an existing Western Power pillar on the adjacent lot.

New underground consumer mains cable is required from the existing Western Power pillar to the meter box.

EPEC: Existing pillar, existing consumer main ($0)

The lot is currently serviced by an existing Wester Power pillar either on the lot or on the adjacent lot.

The lot already has an existing underground consumer mains cable.

No work is required (excluding lots where the meter pole will be cut and capped)

What are the payment options?

The cost for each property has been included with your 2022–23 rates notice.

Property owners can choose to:

  1. Pay the entire amount, either in a lump sum or over four instalments in the 2022­–23 year (see your rates notice for details) OR
  2. Pay in instalments over a period of seven years.

How do I pay?

Step 1: choose the timeframe in which you want to pay your underground power

  1. If all in one year, go to Step 4
  2. If over seven years, go to Step 2

Step 2: Notify the City – either via the form sent previously or email info@fremantle.wa.gov.au providing the following information:

  • Address of property
  • Assessment number (top right hand corner of your rates notice)
  • Contact name
  • Confirmation that you wish to pay your underground power charge in instalments over a period of seven years

Step 3: Wait to receive your new rates notice*
(*issue of the new rates notice will trigger an update to the City’s payment portal to show the revised amounts)

Step 4: Pay (see payment options as listed on your rates notice or visit the payments section)

Are there concessions for pensioners and seniors?

Yes, either as a rebate on, or the deferment of, the charges.

If you already receive a pensioner or seniors rebate for your rates, you do not have to do anything extra in order to receive your rebate on the underground power scheme charge.

Questions and further information

If you have any queries about your eligibility for the underground power scheme or how the charges have been applied to your property, please contact 1300 MY FREO (1300 693 736) or email info@fremantle.wa.gov.au.

Check back on this page regularly for the latest information regarding this major upgrade project.

Changes to property assessments

The City of Fremantle is allocating costs to property owners in the Hilton underground power upgrade program based on Western Power’s assessment of individual property requirements/needs.

Western Power is currently conducting an audit of their original assessments and have identified several properties where the needs were initially assessed incorrectly.

The City is now working to correct the charges based on Wester Power’s amended assessments and we are contacting affected property owners directly to advise them of any changes.

If you feel that your property has been assessed incorrectly, please contact the City of Fremantle.

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