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Home composting rebate


Compost bins, bokashi and worm farms are a great way to reduce household waste in landfill. Turn organic waste into compost for your garden.

This rebate allows City of Fremantle residents to choose a system that suits their needs.

Type of home compost bin

Rebate amount

Outdoor compost bin

50% up to $50

Bokashi bin, bokashi kit, or pet waste system (eg. Ensopet)

50% up to $50

Worm farm or worm farm kit

50% up to $80

For example, if your compost bin cost $70 your rebate is $35, or if it is $175 your rebate is $50.

Choosing your system

Instead of choosing a specific compost bin or worm farm that residents purchase directly from the City, we let you choose what is best for your household. There are systems suitable for apartment balconies, or larger gardens. Your FOGO bin can accept organic waste that your worm farm or compost bin can’t, for example, meat products or weeds.

Our friends at the City of Melville have prepared this guide to help residents decide on a system.

Applying for the rebate

Residents within the City of Fremantle are eligible for this rebate, provided no one in the household has applied for it previously. After purchasing your composting system, retain the receipt.

To apply you will need copies of:

  1. Proof of residency (eg. driver's license, rates notice, lease agreement or current utility bill).
  2. Purchase receipt containing an ABN. Multiple receipts are acceptable for the application if required, however, only one application may be made per household.


Please note that receipt must not be more than three months old. Postage, and fees, are not eligible for this rebate.

Accessories can be included in the rebate when purchased with the worm farm, compost bin, or bokashi. Multiple systems may be included in one application, eg. two compost bins, or, a compost bin and a worm farm. The rebate will be paid at the higher amount (not for both rebate amounts).

If you have made your own worm farm, and have purchased accessories eg. worms, you may still be able to apply for this rebate. Please contact wasteed@fremantle.wa.gov.au 


If successful, your cheque rebate will be posted to you within six weeks. Please allow an additional two weeks if applying during the Christmas-New Year period.

Rebates are limited to the annual budget. The City reserves the right to end this rebate offer if this budget amount is reached. Final applications, if the budget has not been reached, are on 9 June 2024.

More information

Contact the City’s waste team on 1300 MY FREO (1300 693 736) or wasteed@fremantle.wa.gov.au

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