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The Homelessness Action plan 2021-2024

The Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2024

The visibility of people forced to sleep rough on our streets was amplified through the global pandemic. This anecdotal feedback has been evidenced through the State Strategy and suggests that the number of people who are experiencing homelessness in the community is increasing. Currently in Fremantle there are 172 people experiencing homelessness, according to the By Name List (September 2021).

As a direct achievement outcome of the City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2024, the Homelessness Action Plan (HAP) 2021-2024 provides a formalised plan to address Homelessness in the community.


As a local council we support Western Australia’s 2020-2030 strategy on homelessness named All Paths Lead to a Home. The Strategy sets out a ten-year vision for all levels of government, the community sector and the wider community can work together in Western Australia towards ending homelessness.

The adoption of HAP 2021-2024 means that we can tackle complex issues of housing and homelessness at our local level.

In order to achieve the vision that everyone has a safe place to call home, the City of Fremantle will take on the following roles as outlined in HAP 2021-2024:


The City of Fremantle now has an opportunity to vigorously reduce homelessness through the above actions. 

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