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Important dates


View the swim program 2020 calendar. The calendar includes term start and end dates, direct debit dates, holidays and more.

Alternatively, view the new 2021 swim program calendar here.

Upcoming events

11 December 2020: Beat the Clock

Fremantle Leisure Centre Squads are excited to announce BEAT THE CLOCK SUMMER 2020 on Friday 11 December 68pm.

This is a FREE swimming event for all squad swimmers and students in our piranhas and mantarays Learn to Swim levels and youth swim, teen swim, junior lifeguard club programs. We encourage all parents/guardians to put their child’s name down for at least one event and have a go!

The aim of this event is to introduce our swimmers to competition swimming in a fun, friendly and pressure-free environment. Has your child ever wanted to feel what it’s like to race, to dive off a dive block or have their times recorded for different strokes over 25 and 50 metre distances? Then this is the perfect event for them to give it a go!

All squad coaches plus volunteers from the Fremantle Port Swimming Club will be there to cheer the swimmers on and help guide them from pool deck. This time we will also be throwing in a few exciting novelty events (in red on the list of events below) for your children and you as parents/guardians to try! The swimming club will be cooking a sausage sizzle too so bring along a few gold coins if you want to have a sausage!

Below is the list of events for the night. The first event will kick off at 6:20pm in the order below. All 25m events are for swimmers 10 years and younger only. 50m and 200m events are open for swimmers of all ages. Choose as many or as few events as you wish:

6.20pm start

  1. 200m freestyle
  1. 25m butterfly
  1. 50m butterfly
  1. Mystery relay (FR, BR, BK, doggy paddle)
  1. 25m breaststroke
  1. 50m breaststroke
  1. Dance competition 
  1. 25m backstroke
  1. 50m backstroke
  1. Biggest splash – Bomby competition
  1. 25m freestyle
  1. 50m freestyle
  1. Kids vs parents noodle relay

*4) Mystery relay: mixed teams of 4 swimmers all choose a swimming stroke out of a hat, one stroke being doggy paddle. This will be a fun event for all to register into!
*7) Dance competition: the swimming club will be running a dance competition for any swimmers or their family members to enter into.
*10) Biggest splash: open to all swimmers. Each entrant gets 1 chance to make their biggest splash with a “bomby” and coaching staff will judge the splash out of 10.
*13) Kids vs parents noodle relay: to enter this fun event, families must nominate both a child (swimmer) and a parent. Come on mum and dad, get involved!


To enter your child into any of the above events please email with your child’s name (include parent/guardians name if entering into the kids vs parents noodle relay), age and event numbers they wish to enter. Registrations must be sent in by Friday 4 December 5pm.
Please arrive at the centre by 6:00pm, have your child’s name ticked off at front reception and head over to the 50m pool for a 6:30pm start. Family members and other spectators will not be charged a spectator fee.

11–22 January 2021: January holiday swimming program

Dates have been confirmed for our 2021 January holiday swimming program. Bookings for this program are now OPEN. Click here for more information.

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