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Key Information for Renters

Legal Advice and Support

The Fremantle Community Legal Centre provides legal services to low-income members of the community.

Tenancy advocacy services include advising and assisting on recent issues around the ending of the emergency period under residential tenancy legislation. Such as:

  • Excessive rent increases
  • Notices of terminations
  • Rent arrears, reductions and deferrals
  • Needing extra time to find a new rental

They also encourage clients to act on their own behalf but can assist with:

  • General tenancy information
  • Advocacy & court representation
  • Evictions
  • Bond disputes/release of bond
  • Breach of tenant rental agreements
  • Assessment and referral for any other tangential matters

The welfare rights advocate encourages clients to act on their own behalf but can assist with:

  • Information about social security rights and entitlements
  • Advice on social security matters and the appeal system
  • Advocacy with Centrelink on behalf of extremely vulnerable clients
  • Limited representation with appeals (within the internal review process and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal)

Visit the Fremantle Community Legal Centre page for further information and to make an appointment.


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