Kid power delivers Hilton Pocket Park

A small patch of unloved land in the City of Fremantle has been converted into a fun, green oasis with the completion of the Hilton Pocket Park.

The park has been created in a section of closed road reserve at the eastern end of Clarke Street following a campaign by local children, who argued they would be “bored forever” if they didn’t have a decent place to play.

The campaign included writing letters to the Fremantle Council, with one brave 10-year-old directly addressing the council at a public meeting.

Hilton Ward councillor Jeff McDonald said the children’s pleas were hard to ignore.

“As part of our Green Plan 2020 we are working to provide public open space within walking distance for every resident and worker in the City of Fremantle, and this area of Hilton didn’t meet that target,” Councillor McDonald said.

“The kids made a very strong argument that to get to a place to play they had to cross busy and dangerous roads like South Street or Carrington Street.

“I’m just thrilled that we’ve been able to deliver this great little park where they can get outside and have a safe place to play.”

The pocket park was completed just before Christmas when about 20 local residents joined City of Fremantle staff to plant around 280 native plants.

Hilton resident Rod West, whose daughter Xanthe made the speech to the council, said the park was already a much loved addition to the area.

“The engagement and consultation process was fantastic from the beginning and the end result is a lovely little spot that local residents and local workers have to come and hang out and have lunch,” Mr West said.

“It’s 100 per cent better and more useful than what was there, and people have already been flocking to enjoy it.

“It’s only a small park but it’s invaluable to this pocket of Hilton which didn’t have anything like it, so we’ll definitely cherish it.”