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Thursday, 31 August, 2017


Kings Square Project
Kings Square
Fremantle WA 6160

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  1. A new era for Fremantle.
  2. What is the Kings Square Renewal?
  3. What will the development include?
  4. What are the benefits to Fremantle of this project going ahead?
  5. Current status/timeline.
  6. Design concepts and public comment.
  7. Why can't the City refurbish the current admin building?
  8. Will the Queensgate car park remain?
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A new era for Fremantle - a place for people

At $270m it’s by far the biggest project ever undertaken by a Fremantle Council and is up there as one of the most important developments in Fremantle’s history.

This once-in-a-generation project will see central Fremantle transformed into a vibrant civic, community and commercial hub in coming years.

The project will create more than 2 100 new local jobs for Fremantle once operational – injecting $358m into the local economy.

The project will redefine Kings Square as the true heart of Freo and above all will become a more attractive place for people.

It means more workers, more activity during the working week, more people that may move to Fremantle to be closer to work in the city centre, more shops, more money for the local economy, more indirect jobs created, more community events, improved community safety and a better reputation for Fremantle. With more activity, the city centre will be a better place to live in, work in and visit.

It will also be a catalyst for more investment in Freo – the more people that want to visit, live and work in Freo, the more attractive it becomes to open new businesses and build new housing options.

***Visit the dedicated Kings Square Renewal website***

It's a game-changing project for Fremantle.

What is the Kings Square Renewal?

The renewal of Kings Square is a joint project between the City of Fremantle and project partner Sirona Capital with a total value of $270m.

Sirona Capital is investing $220m into the commercial precinct which includes redeveloping the former Myer building, replacing the Queensgate building and upgrading the Queensgate car park. There will be new offices across the two buildings and new prime retail and entertainment that will add to the Freo retail culture.

The City of Fremantle’s contribution is $50m to replace the current administration centre, library and visitor centre with a contemporary complex designed by renowned Fremantle architect, Kerry Hill &Associates. There will also be extensive work to upgrade community public spaces in the square.

The end result is a coordinated approach to redeveloping the entire Kings Square precinct.

What will the redevelopment include?

It’s a game changing project for Fremantle which will deliver:

  • innovative and high-quality specialty retail and dining precincts
  • new commercial spaces including office accommodation for more than 1,500 state government employees relocating to Fremantle
  • a revamped city square complete with landscaped grassed areas and tree canopies, public art and new street furniture
  • a  new children’s play space
  • accessible toilets and change facilities 
  • state-of-the-art, library and visitor centre experiences
  • a competition-winning civic administration building with purpose-built indoor and outdoor community spaces and meeting rooms
  • extensive lighting and CCTV precinct surveillance.

The new buildings and outdoor spaces will transform Kings Square into a much nicer community space we can all be proud of.

Over time the Kings Square precinct will be integrated with other urban design projects managed by the City including the enhancements of Queen, Point and Adelaide Streets and a new public space near the Fremantle Train Station.

Ariel view of the future Kings Square development


What are the benefits to Fremantle of this project going ahead?

The Kings Square renewal project offers a multitude of benefits, both economic and social and is considered a once in a generation opportunity to revitalise the Fremantle city centre.

Economic benefits stem from the attraction of more residents, workers and shoppers into the city centre. The project will lead to improved retail offers for residents and visitors, increasing economic activity and creating a more vibrant city centre. When talking purely in dollars and cents, the City is selling assets valued at $30m and is getting in return a $270 million investment in the city centre.

The social benefits of the project will include improved public spaces and community facilities and a greater activation and vibrancy of the city centre.

Current status / timeline

The project commenced in late 2017 following an announcement by WA Premier Colin Barnett on 10 November 2016 that more than 1 500 state government workers will be relocated to Kings Square in 2020.

The announcement secured the long-awaited commercial anchor tenant required to trigger the start of the construction phase.

The indicative timeline is below, but to keep up to date with project milestones we encourage you to regularly visit the Kings Square renewal website

Project timeline

Design concepts 

  • The draft schematic design of the City’s new admin building is available for viewing in the key documents section below.
  • To view the concept plans for the redesign of public space (ie trees, pathways etc) click here

We encourage you to visit the City's My Say Freo portal regularly to keep updated on this project.

Why can’t the City refurbish the current admin building?

The agreements between the City of Fremantle and Sirona Capital require all sites to be redeveloped into an integrated civic and commercial precinct.

An assessment of the current condition of the City’s admin building was done before the Kings Square agreement was finalised and confirmed a redevelopment rather than a refurbishment was a better investment. The current building contains asbestos and would require other issues such as damp, disability access and compliance to be resolved if it was to be refurbished, making it very expensive and impractical.

Will the Queensgate car park remain?

Queensgate will remain a carpark for at least the next 10 years after being sold to Sirona. This is built into the conditions of sale and would be transferred to a new owner through a covenant, should the site be on-sold.

There will also be a minimum of 500 bays made available for public parking until at least 2027. 

Image gallery

Kerry Hill Architects - Winning King's Square design.

Key documents

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