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Long-term parking


To apply for or renew a online parking permit(ePermit) 

ePermit offers an enhanced experience through a self-service portal (via app and browser) to manage your Permits. This portal provides you anywhere, anytime secure access to prepare, save and submit permit applications, as well as check the current status of your permit applications and existing permits held.

  • Long Term Parking Permit- Individual (This permit is for people who require the ability to manage and pay for a permit or permits for their own use.)
  • Long Term Parking Permit- Business (This permit is for businesses or individuals who require the ability to manage and pay for multiple permits/vehicles from one account for which they would be responsible.)

In your ePermit Self Service Portal (SSP), from the left-hand menu select the relevant option for you:

Select relevant permit type from the dropdown menu

Complete the application form.

Once your application has been successful, you will get a confirmation email that your Parking Permit has been granted.

Click to view your current permit (click “My Applications”).

Click on the fee schedule for further information on prices.

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