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Maureen and Trish


Photo: Maureen Maher & Trisha Kotai-Ewers @ the Book Club meeting where Trisha was the guest speaker.

As shared by Maureen:  I have been meaning to update you on my N2N experience and thank you for pairing me up with Trisha.

She is a lovely person and we are getting on very well, having lots in common and with lots to talk about.

I have been making meals for her and dropping by every week or so as she is quite self-sufficient.

She is a writer (amongst many other things) and has written book about Dementia and I have chosen it as my book club read so she is coming to our next meeting as the guest speaker which she is looking forward to.

So all in all a great experience for me and I think she might say the same, she feels like an old friend already and I really enjoy our chats.

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