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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution. An impartial mediator may be able to assist parties to reach an agreement, where issues are in dispute.

We offer a mediation service a fixed rate. Please see our Fees section for more information.

We can provide mediation for issues such as:

  • family law property and financial disputes
  • community disputes including:
    dividing fences (erecting a new fence, damage and repair of dividing fences)
    encroaching roots and branches (overhanging branches, roots that extend underneath your property, cutting of roots and branches)
    dog ownership (dangerous dogs, dog control, persistent barking)
    public nuisance (cars/parking problems and high noise levels).
  • commercial disputes including:
    small businesses
    workplace arrangements.

We are not Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and cannot issue s60i Certificates for parenting matters.

Before mediation, we will meet with both parties separately. This is so that we understand the nature of the dispute and can explain the process involved.

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There are exceptions to our eligibility criteria. If you are unsure if you would be eligible to access our service, please contact us or send an online enquiry.

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