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Netball season parking

The High Street Upgrade project currently being undertaken by Main Roads WA means netball players and spectators will no longer be able to park on the road verge that ran alongside the Fremantle Public Golf Course.

To help compensate for the loss of the parking on High Street the City of Fremantle has agreed to ease some restrictions on verge parking in the streets surrounding Frank Gibson Park:

Parking for players and spectators

To manage the impact of the loss of the informal parking along High Street the Netball Association is encouraging its members to plan ahead and use alternatives to parking such as car-pooling and public transport.

Refer to the parking map which includes information on where you are allowed to park plus a quick guide to parking etiquette in the area:


The City is also creating a drop-off zone on Chudleigh Street where parents can safely drop off their children at Frank Gibson Park before moving on to find parking elsewhere. This will assist parents running late who need to drop their children off quickly for a game.


The Fremantle Netball Association’s winter season at Frank Gibson Park began on Saturday 18 July. The season will run over ten weeks with the final round to be held on Saturday 19 September.

Most games will be held on Saturdays, although there will be an additional round on Sunday 9 August to accommodate the condensed season.

Driveway obstruction

If a car is blocking your driveway or you experience any other parking-related issues please call 9335 3430 and the Netball Association will broadcast a message over its public address system for the car to be moved.

You can also report the issue to the City’s parking officers on 1300 880 899.

Refer to our parking map for a list of parking areas.

High Street Upgrade project

Visit Main Road's High Street Upgrade project page for the latest information including traffic access to the area.

The High Street Upgrade project includes the provision of new parking spaces on the northern side of High Street, and the formalisation of the existing informal parking on Wilkinson Street. These parking bays will be available once the project is complete.

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