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(17/12/2018) Old council building off to the recycling yard

The demolition of the City of Fremantle’s old administration building in Kings Square is now complete, with 95 per cent of the building’s materials recovered for recycling.

A total of 6443 tonnes of material was removed from the site, including 5841 tonnes of bricks and concrete, 294 tonnes of steel and 83 tonnes of general waste.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the City’s aim was for its new administration building to be one of the most sustainable buildings of its size in Australia, so recycling the materials from the old building was a great start.

“As a One Planet council we are committed reducing waste and encouraging recycling in everything we do – and that includes recycling almost an entire building,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The bricks and concrete from our old building will be crushed and recycled as road base or drainage materials, while the steel will be recycled and used in the manufacture of new steel products.

“Our target is for the new building to be zero carbon, so it will have a sophisticated automated opening façade system designed to capture Fremantle’s famous sea breezes and enable natural ventilation for most of the year.

“It will have high-performance, well-shaded windows to minimise heat loss during cooler periods and minimise heat gain in summer, as well as other sustainability features like a solar PV system, energy-efficient LED lighting and water saving appliances.”

The demolition of the old administration building was carried out by experienced demolition contractor Delta Pty Ltd.

While the bulk of the project was carried out using heavy machinery, sections of the building connected to the historic Fremantle Town Hall were taken down by hand.

Scaffolding was erected to protect the Town Hall during demolition and noise, dust and vibration monitoring was conducted throughout the demolition process.

The project also included the removal of 224 tonnes of asbestos.

Strict environmental management controls, including airborne control sampling, were in place during the asbestos removal.

The old building was removed to make way for the City’s new civic, administration and library building.

The new building, designed by the world-renowned Kerry Hill Architects, is a key component of the broader $270 million Kings Square Renewal project – a joint initiative between the City and Sirona Capital.

Last month Pindan Constructions was selected as the City’s preferred contractor for the project, with the awarding of the contract now subject to final negotiations.

If those negotiations are successfully concluded construction is expected to start early next year.

For more information on the Kings Square Renewal project visit the Kings Square Fremantle website.