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(18/12/2018) Council responds to parking issues at South Beach and Marine Terrace

The Fremantle Council has responded to the concerns of beachgoers, residents and local businesses by introducing parking restrictions at South Beach and along Marine Terrace and Mews Road.

There are currently more than 600 free and unrestricted parking bays at South Beach, Marine Terrace and Mews Road.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the City had received many complaints that all-day parking by commuters and university students was making life difficult for beachgoers, residents and businesses.

“This might seem obvious, but the main reason the City provides parking at the beach is so people can use the beach,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The CAT bus runs from South Beach right along Marine Terrace and into town, and over time we’ve seen more and more people using the unrestricted parking there as a ‘park and ride’.

“That includes both Notre Dame students and also commuters who park, catch the CAT bus to the railway station and then the train into Perth or elsewhere.

“This has created real headaches for people trying to use the beach, residents who can’t park near their house and businesses whose customers can’t find parking.

“The changes we’ve introduced will mean about 80 bays at South Beach will have a four-hour time limit, but another 181 bays will remain unrestricted.

“Along Mews Road and Marine Terrace people will still be able to park for free but only for two hours, or they’ll be able to park all day but have to pay $3.50.

“These changes are about trying to meet the needs of all parking users, and we feel they strike the right balance between the people seeking an affordable all-day option and the short-term parkers looking to access the beach and local businesses.”

From late February next year the City will introduce a two-hour time limit on eastern side of Marine Terrace and the western side of Mews Road.

On the western side of Marine Terrace and the eastern side of Mews Road there will be a charge of $3.50 per day, which can only be paid by using the City’s new pay-by-phone parking app.

Exemptions will apply for local Residential and Multi-purpose Parking Permit holders.

At South Beach a four-hour time limit will be introduced on the bays facing the beach in the car park north of the South Beach café.

The bays facing the railway line and all of the car park south of the café will remain unrestricted, although this will be subject to review.