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(20/05/2019) Fremantle Proposed Differential Rates for 2019/2020

Proposed Differential Rates for 2019/2020

In accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, The City of Fremantle advises its intention to levy the following differential rates in 2019/20:

Differential Rate Category

Proposed Minimum Payment


Rate in the Dollar ($)

Residential Improved



Commercial and Industrial General



Vacant Commercial and Industrial



City Centre Commercial






Vacant Residential Land



Residential Short Term Accommodation



(**NOTE: The proposed rate in the dollar and minimum payment amounts may be varied by Council when adopting the annual budget.)

A statement outlining the objects and reasons for adopting the differential rates is available at or from the Customer Service Centre.

Any submissions by Electors or Ratepayers on the proposed rates and any related matters must be made in writing and received by the City by 5.00 pm, Tuesday 4 June 2019 to:


By Mail

Chief Executive Officer

City of Fremantle

PO Box 807

Fremantle WA 6959

In Person

70 Parry Street

Fremantle WA

By Email

Philip St John, Chief Executive Officer