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20 June 2019
(20/6/2019) PayStay popular with Freo parkers

After three months in operation the City of Fremantle’s new parking app PayStay is proving popular with Fremantle motorists.

The PayStay app allows visitors to Fremantle to stop and start a parking session using their mobile phone without having to buy a ticket, and parking sessions are timed to the minute so parkers only pay for the time they use.

The app also features a parking map, which shows the location of all the on-street and off-street parking managed by the City of Fremantle, plus information like the car park’s capacity, cost per hour and time limits.

City of Fremantle Director of City Business Glen Dougall said he was pleased with the take-up of PayStay since it was launched in March.

“Last month seven per cent of all parking transactions in Fremantle were made using PayStay, so after just three months we’re already ahead of where we were with our old parking app,” Mr Dougall said.

“We expect that number will continue to grow as more people become aware of PayStay and the convenience and features it has to offer.

“We’ve also listened to the feedback we’ve received since the launch and PayStay have tweaked some aspects of the app, such as the requirement to have pre-loaded credit.

“Previously when people registered for PayStay they had to have a minimum balance of $5 in their account and there was a minimum top-up amount of $5.

“Now if you’ve registered with a postcode in the Perth metro area you can go onto the PayStay website – not the app – and set your minimum balances to zero.

“Another important thing to remember is you don’t have to have a smart phone to park with PayStay. You can also start a parking session by calling the PayStay call centre on 1300 322 111.”

Fremantle has around 5000 parking bays, with around 1000 on-street bays and another 2300 in off-street car parks managed by the City of Fremantle.

There are also around 1700 parking bays on land managed by Fremantle Ports, near the WA Maritime Museum and the E-Shed markets, and in privately operated car parks like Collie Street and the Woolstores shopping centre.

Parking options range from 30-minute free parking along High Street and Adelaide Street to long-term parking options on the fringes of the city centre like the Beach Street, Point Street, Ellen Street and Parry Street car parks for less than $10 a day.

The City has also recently introduced second hour free parking at the outdoor car parks on Parry Street, Point Street and the new Cappuccino Strip car park.

One hour free parking is available in the area surrounding Kings Square to support local traders during construction on the Kings Square Renewal project, while the Queensgate car park is on track to reopen before summer.

Fremantle residents can also apply for a residents parking permit which allows them to park for free in on-street parking bays from 3pm until 11am, seven days a week.

For more information on where to park in Fremantle visit the Parking page on our website or watch the watch the Quick Guide to Parking in Freo video.