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8 months ago in Community , Infrastructure projects
(22/6/2018) Samson verge trees a success

More than 200 new trees were planted along verges in Samson as part of our greening Samson initiative recently.

The initiative is part of our commitment to increasing the canopy cover in Samson.


The City of Fremantle gave Samson residents the chance to choose the type of tree they would like planted on their verge.

The recently adopted Urban Forest Plan sets a target of increasing the number of trees in Fremantle from 13,000 to 23,000 by 2027, while the City’s 2017-18 budget provided additional funding to increase the number of trees planted this year from 500 to 900.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said the Greening Samson project was a high priority for the City’s tree planting program.

“Mapping undertaken for our Urban Forest Plan identified that Samson has some of the lowest canopy coverage in Fremantle,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“That contributes to the urban heat island effect, which means that on average Samson is two degrees hotter than nearby suburbs.

“One way to combat this effect is to provide more shade through increased canopy cover. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide, filter air pollutants and provide a natural cooling effect by releasing moisture through their leaves.

“More trees will also help fill gaps in the biodiversity corridor that runs through Samson, connecting important regional bushland to the coast and providing habitat and food for native animals.”

Samson residents received a letter advising them of the type of tree the City of Fremantle considers to be most suitable for their verge, but also giving the option of a different species.

The City planted the trees over winter and will water and maintain the tree at no cost to residents.