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(25/1/2019) Big clean about to begin

The City of Fremantle’s annual bulk waste verge collection is on next month.

The verge collection will start on 4 February and continue for about two weeks.

Manager of Facilities and Environmental Management Tony Strickland said the City was taking a slightly different approach to the verge collection this year.

“In previous years we’ve divided the City into two areas and staggered the collections over a period of about a month,” Mr Strickland said.

“This year we’ll be collecting from both areas simultaneously to reduce the amount of time it takes.

“To keep the neighbourhood tidy and reduce illegal dumping we ask that residents don’t place material on the verge until two days before the collection date.

“Putting material on the verge more than two days prior to the collection, or after the collection has occurred, may result in an infringement notice being issued.”

Items that will be collected during the verge collection include e-waste like computers and TVs, furniture, mattresses, scrap metal, timber products and white goods like fridges and washing machines.

Items that won’t be collected include building materials like bricks, tiles and cement, domestic rubbish, hazardous materials like chemicals, paint and oil, tyres and car parts and plate glass, mirrors or shower screens.

Residents are asked to place materials in neat piles away from walls, fences and power poles.

Whitegoods, metal mattresses and e-waste should be separated from other items to ensure they can be picked up quickly and recycled.

At any other time of the year, City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle residents can drop off bulk waste at the City’s recycling centre on Montreal Street. Just remember to bring along your voucher letter to be stamped by our friendly staff.

The City also provides a home collection service for residents aged 55 and over, which will come to your home and pick up white goods, e-waste and mattresses. 

For more information about what can and can’t be picked up from your verge, visit the verge collection page.