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(26/9/2018) Feasibility study to examine sports facilities in the Heart of Beaconsfield

The City of Fremantle will undertake a feasibility study to assess options for the future use of Bruce Lee Oval and the Lefroy Road Quarry as part of a plan to guide the revitalisation of the Heart of Beaconsfield.

The Heart of Beaconsfield project is being led by the City of Fremantle in cooperation with the Department of Communities and other partners to coordinate the redevelopment of the area around the Davis Park precinct, Bruce Lee Oval, Lefroy Road Quarry and the former South Metropolitan TAFE site.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said a key question to be settled in planning the Heart of Beaconsfield is the best use for Bruce Lee Oval and the Lefroy Road Quarry.

“The quarry site has the potential to provide 1.5 times more green space than the oval, so there’s an opportunity to develop new and better sporting facilities on the quarry and allow for some new diversified housing on the oval,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“South Street is an important public transport corridor and it makes sense to have residential development close to public transport, while the quarry site is vacant land and there’s not a lot it can be used for.

“At this stage we don’t know if it’s technically or financially feasible to relocate the oval, so before we finalise the draft masterplan we’re conducting the feasibility study to find out.

“If the study shows the relocation of the oval is not feasible that will be the end of it and the oval will be retained in the draft masterplan. If it is feasible this option may be put forward for further consultation.

“Regardless of the outcome of the study, everyone will still have the chance to have their say and the masterplan can still be amended before it’s officially adopted.”

Beaconsfield Ward councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge said a newly released interim masterplan prepared by the City draws on the concepts and ideas provided during an extensive community engagement process last year.

“There are a lot of positive changes happening in Beaconsfield. South Fremantle High School has become Fremantle College, the Housing Authority would like to update and build new homes in the Davis Park precinct, Activ Foundation is looking at updating its facilities and there’s an opportunity to redevelop the old TAFE site and the Lefroy Road Quarry,” Cr Fitzhardinge said.

“The aim of the Heart of Beaconsfield project is to create an over-arching masterplan that will help to guide the development of the various different sites in this area, and ensure that when these changes happen, they happen in a coordinated way.

“We’re releasing the interim plan to provide an update on progress so far. It shows aspects of the draft masterplan that are resolved and leaves question marks on the elements that still require further consideration.”

The oval feasibility study will take up to six months. The full Heart of Beaconsfield draft masterplan is expected to be released for public comment in mid-2019.

For more information visit the Heart of Beaconsfield page on the City’s My Say Freo website.

To see the interim draft masterplan click here