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(28/2/2019) PayStay is coming to Freo

The City of Fremantle’s new PayStay parking app is coming to a phone near you next week.

The new app, which allows visitors to find and pay for parking using their mobile phone, will launch on Tuesday 5 March.

Director of City Business Glen Dougall said the new app will make it easier and cheaper to park in Fremantle.

“The new PayStay app is a smarter and faster way to pay for parking,” Mr Dougall said.

“Once you’ve downloaded the app and added your car registration and credit card details they’ll be saved for future use, so you can just park, start your parking session on PayStay and go.

“No more fumbling around for loose change and no more lining up to buy a ticket.

“You can also choose to be sent an alert when your parking session is about to expire, and it’s timed down to the minute so you’ll only pay for the time you actually use.”

An exciting new feature of the PayStay app is the parking map.

“The parking map shows all of the City’s on-street and off-street parking in Fremantle, which visitors can then click onto to find out information like the car park’s capacity, the parking rate and time limits,” Mr Dougall said.

“You can also search for parking options before you leave home, based on criteria like location, duration of stay and cost per hour.

“The PayStay app also keeps a record of your parking history for easy reference if making a claim for work expenses or tax purposes.

“The take-up rate of our previous pay-by-phone app was very low, with only 3 per cent of total parking transactions using the app.

“We’re hopeful the ease of use and additional features of PayStay will make it much more attractive to visitors to Fremantle.

“I’d encourage everyone to download the app now so they’re ready to go when PayStay goes live next week.” 

The PayStay app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or by visiting the PayStay website.

Paid parking along parts of Marine Terrace, which also was intended to be introduced on 5 March, will now be introduced at a later date.

There are approximately 5000 parking bays available in the Fremantle city centre, including over a thousand on-street bays and more than 2300 bays in the 28 off-street carparks managed by the City.

The Kings Square car park, owned by Sirona Capital and operated by Secure Parking, reopened in October last year following a multi-million dollar refurbishment as part of the Kings Square Renewal project.

For more information on where to park in Fremantle visit the Parking page on our website, or watch our Quick Guide to Parking in Fremantle video.