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(28/5/2018) Beaches still closed following weekend storm

Port Beach and Sandtrax Beach in Fremantle remain closed because of erosion and damage caused by the weekend storm.

The southern section of Port Beach car park is also closed after part if it was undermined and collapsed during the storm.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said old pipes and other remnant industrial infrastructure had been exposed by the storm, making the area unsafe for swimmers.

“Both Port Beach and Sandtrax Beach are closed and will remain closed for the immediate future while the City plans remediation works, so we are urging people to abide by the warnings for their own safety,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“That whole section of Port and Sandtrax beach is actually reclaimed land, and various industrial sites were located in the area behind the beach in years past.

“The City has already commenced works to clear away as much of the debris as possible and reinstate safe access to the beach, but in meantime people need to do the right thing and stay off the beach and out of the water.”

Waves whipped up by the storm caused significant erosion of the dunes at Port Beach, leaving sheer cliffs of sand and undermining the car park. City of Fremantle staff worked over the weekend to bevel the eroded car park to prevent the edge from collapsing to maintain public safety.

The City has engaged coastal engineers to assess the beach and make recommendations on what is required to manage the immediate storm-related issues.

The City is also part of a working group established to identify and progress future management strategies to address longer term erosion at Port Beach.

The working group includes representatives of Fremantle Ports, Department of Transport, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.