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(29/6/2018) Thank you, Jean!

We love our local stories! At the June council meeting, Mayor Brad Pettitt gifted former Fremantle Deputy Mayor Jean Hobson a sign from the Kings Square playground named after her back in 1992.

Jean was a driving force behind the playground, convincing fellow councillors in the early 1990s of the need for a family space in Kings Square.

The playground will soon be dismantled to make way for the new City of Fremantle civic, administration and library building. Don't worry, a modern new play space is coming. View the plans on the My Say Freo website.

On behalf of the thousands of kids who have enjoyed the Jean Hobson playground over the past 28 years... Thanks Jean!

Ps - the B&W photo shows Jean and granddaughters Nikki and Rosa in 1992. That's Nikki with Jean just last month...26 years later!

Jean Hobson and Mayor Pettitt standing behind the Jean Hobson playground sign

Jean Hobson with a few people standing on the playground

A black and white photo of Jean Hobson playing on the playground from 1992.