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(31/5/2018) FOGO a go-go

The Fremantle Council has supported the introduction of a new three bin system for household waste and recycling.

Last week the council approved the roll out of a Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) waste service in the 2019/20 financial year.

The council also approved the purchase of new FOGO bins for more than 13,000 residential households in Fremantle.

The approval is subject to budget allocation by the council and the City being successful in obtaining state government funding through the Waste Authority’s Better Bins program.

The capital cost of setting up the system - including purchasing the new bins - will be around $1.2 million, which will be partly funded through a proposed one-off, two per cent increase in residential rates.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said by recycling more and diverting waste from landfill the new FOGO system will save ratepayers money in the long term.

“We understand nobody likes a rate increase, but improving the separation of recycling, reducing the level of contamination and diverting more waste from landfill will protect us from long-term increases in landfill costs,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“As part of our One Planet Strategy we have a target of achieving a 70 per cent community recycling rate by 2020, so the new FOGO system will also be much better for the environment.”

 Subject to final approval, the three bin system will be introduced to more than 13,000 residential households in Fremantle in July and August next year.

The roll-out will include a high-profile education program to let people know what to put in each bin and how the system will work.