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(3/5/2018) Tree relocations the next phase in Kings Square renewal

The next phase of the transformation of Fremantle’s Kings Square will start next week with the removal and relocation of a number of mature trees.

There are 40 mature trees in the Kings Square project area, including Moreton Bay figs, London Plane trees, Canary Island date palms and Queensland Brush Box trees. Approximately two-thirds of these will stay under the City of Fremantle’s tree strategy for Kings Square, but some have to go.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the aim was to retain as many healthy trees as possible, and plant two new trees for every one that had to be removed.

“Of the 40 trees in the project area, 16 will be retained in their existing location, 10 will be relocated to other spots on the site and 14 will be removed,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“While it’s unfortunate to have to remove any trees, none of them are native species and most of the trees that will go are in poor condition.

“And with the two-for-one replacement, at the end of the project we’ll have a lot more trees and increased canopy cover to create a cool and shady space for everyone to relax and enjoy.”

Jacarandas, known for their spectacular purple blooms, will be planted around the square to help emphasise the colourful and vibrant atmosphere in the rejuvenated precinct.

The entire Kings Square precinct will feature a total of 67 trees once the project is complete.

The main species to be removed will be Queensland Brush Box trees, which are considered unsuitable for a civic urban square because they need lots of water and drop nuts.

Two Moreton Bay figs to the south of St John’s church will also be removed because of safety concerns associated with the ongoing decline in health and the structural condition of the trees.

The condition of the ‘Christmas fig’ and another Moreton Bay fig to the south of the church will continue to be monitored. Several arborists reports over a number of years have expressed concern about their condition and suggested removal, however any proposal with respect to their future will be separate to the works already approved under the Kings Square public realm concept plan.

Seven healthy mature London Plane trees that are within the footprint of the City of Fremantle’s new administration building and library will be relocated to other sites in Kings Square.

The tree removals will begin on Monday 7 May with the removal of two Moreton Bay figs and a cluster of Rottnest tea trees, which will cause some disruption in the immediate area.

Two Canary Island date palms were successfully transplanted in July last year. To see how it was done:

Tree relocations

We will begin relocating five of the seven London Plane Trees to other sites within Kings Square on Wednesday 16, Thursday 17, Friday 18 and Monday 21 May as part of the ongoing Kings Square Renewal project.

In total, there are 40 mature trees in the Kings Square project area with approximately two-thirds remaining; 16 will be retained in their existing location, 10 will be relocated to other spots on the site and 14 will be removed.

Road closures and parking bay restriction

While every effort will be made to ensure business as usual, the activity will mean some disruptions may be necessary in the immediate area.

Full and partial road closures will be in effect around Kings Square from 7.00 am each day until all trees are relocated. Surrounding car parks will be unavailable during the works.

There will be no road closures on Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May.

About Kings Square Fremantle renewal

It’s by far the biggest project ever undertaken by a Fremantle Council and is one of the biggest developments in Fremantle’s history.

The coordinated renewal of the Fremantle city centre includes the redevelopment of the Queensgate Centre, Queensgate car park and former Myer building owned by Sirona Capital.

It will also deliver new civic/community buildings including City of Fremantle administration offices and library, enhanced public spaces, commercial and retail offerings.

This once-in-a-generation project will create a civic, retail, commercial and community hub that is a vibrant, active and safe place which reflects Kings Square’s unique position in the heart of Fremantle.

The project will create more than 2100 new local jobs for Fremantle once operational, injecting $358m into the local economy.