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(3/7/2018) Emergency training exercise at Fremantle Leisure Centre

The City of Fremantle will join the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in an emergency training exercise at the Fremantle Leisure Centre on Thursday.

The exercise will commence at 10:30am and last for approximately one hour.

Leisure Centre manager John East said the centre was required to carry out an emergency exercise at least once a year.

“In previous years we’ve run scenarios involving a missing person, a fire or a medical emergency, but this year it’s going to be a chlorine spill,” Mr East said.

“The job of the staff at Leisure Centre will be to activate the alarm, call the emergency services and then evacuate people to safe areas, which will be for about 15 minutes

“Patrons in the centre at the time will be required to participate, but we will be warning them about the exercise on the way in so they can back come another time if they want to.

“We have specifically chosen to do the exercise now because it’s one of our least busy times of the year and will inconvenience the fewest people.

“At the end of the day it’s important to do these drills to ensure our people are properly trained and ready to respond in an emergency.

“Last year we had a situation where a gentleman suffered a stroke while swimming in the pool, and because our guys were ready and knew what to do they saved his life.”

Up to six DFES appliances will be deployed during the exercise, with more than 20 firefighters wearing protective suits and breathing apparatus.

DFES Superintendent Metro South Coastal Paul Heal thanked the City of Fremantle for the opportunity to simulate a real life emergency.

“A large chlorine spill could result in dangerous gas plumes travelling several kilometres from the leak, resulting in people suffering serious health consequences – its critical emergency services respond swiftly and isolate the leak quickly to minimise the risk to the community,” Superintendent Heal said.

 “Training exercises like this one are essential to ensure firefighters maintain a high standard of skills and regularly put them into practice.”