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(3/7/2019) Budget 2019-20: Freo makes paying your rates easier

The City of Fremantle is making it easier for people to pay their rates by introducing new direct debit payment options.

Until now Fremantle ratepayers could only pay their rates in one up-front payment or by four instalments.

City of Fremantle Director of City Business Glen Dougall said people now have the option of paying by direct debit, with weekly and fortnightly instalments deducted straight from their bank account.

“Previously if people found it difficult to make the four instalments the only option was to enter into a special payment plan, but unfortunately that came with additional administrative charges,” Mr Dougall said.

“Now with the direct debit options people can choose to pay in smaller, more manageable weekly or fortnightly payments, plus have the convenience of having the instalments automatically deducted from their account.

“The cheapest way to pay your rates is still to pay the full amount up-front, but the direct debit option does give more flexibility and will help people avoid the bill shock that comes with large one-off payments or instalments.” 

More information on how to pay your rates by direct debit will be included with your rate notice.

Fremantle ratepayers can also register to receive their rates notices electronically by email or through BPay View.

Signing up for e-rates saves paper and helps to reduce carbon emissions. It also means there’s no chance of the rates notice getting lost in the mail and it’s accessible at anytime from anywhere.

To receive this year’s rates notice electronically you must register before 15 July.

Register for e-rates on the e-rates page on the City’s website.

Last week Fremantle Council adopted its 2019-20 annual budget, which included an average general rate increase of 1.8 per cent.

The 1.8 per cent increase is the second lowest since 2000, while the three smallest rate increases over the past 20 years have been delivered in the past three budgets.

For more information about the 2019-20 budget click here.