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(5/12/2017) South Beach pontoon is back for summer

Just like cricket on the radio, flies at a barbecue and a cool sea breeze, the reappearance of the ever-popular yellow pontoon off Fremantle’s South Beach is a sure sign summer is back.

But installing the pontoon is more complicated than you might expect.

Every year City of Fremantle staff drag the pontoon out of hibernation at the City depot, load it onto a truck and drive it down to Fishing Boat Harbour.

From there it’s lifted into the water by crane and towed around to South Beach by boat.

Once in position the pontoon is anchored to the ocean floor by a scuba diver.

The pontoon will remain in place until the end of April.

Watch a video of the pontoon’s epic journey to South Beach:

Music in this video by Bensound.