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(7/7/17) Let’s share the space!

As part of our commitment to creating a friendlier and safer city centre for all transport modes we’ll be rolling out trial ‘share the space’ transport symbols along key congested points on Marine Terrace in August (works were originally scheduled to begin this week however they have been delayed due to weather constraints).

The symbols are a ‘fun’ way to remind people that roads are for both cyclists and motorists and we have to respect each other on the roads to ensure our city remains a safe urban environment.

This trial builds on comparable ‘place making’ approaches used globally and on the City’s current use of Bike Awareness Zones and ‘share the road’ signs on Market Street. The Marine Terrace trial will include clusters of bike, car and heart symbols.

We’ll review the success of the trial to determine if they can be rolled out at other key areas in the city centre.

Road closures

Marine Terrace (between Mouat and Norfolk Street) will be closed from 7.00 pm, Wednesday 2 August 2017. Installation will take approximately 9 hours and will involve applying prints of the symbols to the road surface and associated drying time.


Background information

Installation of transport symbols on Marine Terrace between Mouat Street and Norfolk Street (nightworks)

As part of creating a more welcoming and safer urban environment in the Fremantle city centre for all transport modes, the City is trialling the use of ‘fun’ transport symbols in key areas of activity on roads or paths.

To trial this concept, we are installing five clusters of symbols (a car, a bicycle and a heart) on Marine Terrace parallel to Esplanade Park (see image).

This section of Marine Terrace is a key link for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians moving between the city centre, Esplanade Park, the Fremantle Youth Plaza, Fishing Boat Harbour and Bathers Beach.

The symbols will be located before key pinch points on this stretch of road and before the speed reduction platforms near the intersections of Marine Terrace with Essex Street and Collie Street.

In order to minimise disruption and due to the high volume of vehicles (including CAT bus service), pedestrians and cyclists using Marine Terrace during the day, and following the West Australian traffic management for works on road code of practice (July 2014 revision), these works have been classified as complex and therefore need to be carried out at night. Works will involve partial and full closures of Marine Terrace between Mouat Street and Norfolk Street.

Traffic management, including the necessary traffic control staff, will be in place to limit any traffic delays.

Installation is anticipated to take place on Tuesday 11 July 2017, starting at 7.00 pm, subject to weather conditions.

Traffic Management will be on site setting up from about 6.30 pm.

Installation will take approximately 9 hours and will involve applying prints of the symbols to the road surface and associated drying time.

If the weather is not permitting, installation will happen at the first opportunity afterwards.