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(7/7/2017) Speed bumps update

The City has listened to recent community feedback on the installation of speed bumps at Ord Street, South Terrace and Wray Avenue and is now arranging remedial works to address community concerns raised at each location. These works are scheduled to take place over the next three weeks.

We value feedback from our community and we will continue work to improve our consultation process.. We will also continue to actively monitor speed and volumes at these locations to ensure the treatments have the desired effect in terms of pedestrian safety, traffic usage and traffic flow.

The changes over the coming weeks:

Ord Street, Fremantle

At Ord Street the intention of the traffic calming was to improve pedestrian safety at crossing points and deter trucks and heavy vehicles using the route as a cut through.

After receiving community feedback, the  City has reassessed the installation and has arranged for the angle of the speed humps to be softened and also two of the central sets of speed humps (not directly associated with the pedestrian crossing) to be removed.

Works are scheduled Sunday 16-Monday 17 July. Find out more.

Wray Avenue, Fremantle

At Wray Avenue, the original design included treatment at five locations. Unfortunately while this was reduced following community consultation the original design was installed in error. As a result two of the speed humps will now be removed. Works are scheduled Sunday 16 July. Find out more.

South Terrace, South Fremantle

South Terrace has been subject to traffic, road and streetscape improvement discussions for some time, with local residents and business owners keen to see progress in the area.

The City has commenced a program of works to start improving the road environment. The current batch of speed bumps were installed as short term treatment to calm traffic and assist in the creation of a target 40km/hr speed environment.

This initial phase is in preparation for a series of permanent raised pedestrian platforms at key intersections along South Terrace. The first of these platforms is being planned for installation at the intersection of Little Lefroy & South Terrace within the 2017/18 financial year.

The City accepts there now are too many speed bumps at this location and in response to community feedback will reduce the number of speed bumps from 15 locations to 10 locations. The removal of speed humps at five locations has been planned to try and ensure the intent of the traffic calming remains.

Officers will also address the effectiveness of the treatments by adjusting the width of coverage to reduce the incidence of motorists swerving to avoid the speed humps. Remedial works are expected to take place at South Terrace over the next seven days.