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(8/8/2017) City and Dockers finalise Fremantle Oval lease deal
  • Fremantle Council signs off on oval lease deal with the Fremantle Football Club.
  • Fremantle Oval to be redeveloped as a vibrant precinct hosting a wide range of cultural and sporting events, including AFL Women's games.
  • Long-term sponsorship agreement currently being negotiated to retain strong Dockers presence in Fremantle.

The stage is set for Fremantle Oval to be returned to the community and redeveloped as a vibrant precinct hosting a wide range of cultural and sporting events with the City of Fremantle and Fremantle Football Club signing off on a long-term deal this week.

Months of negotiations came to a successful conclusion with the City of Fremantle set to take up the 37-year head lease of Fremantle Oval via a $1.5 million settlement paid in instalments to the Fremantle Football Club over a three-year period.

The agreement paves the way for the transformation of the oval into a valuable community asset that will host a range of activities, including AFL Women's games.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the redeveloped precinct would create jobs, provide a state-of the-art facility for community football in WA and activate the area to provide community and grass roots sporting uses all year round.

"We're pleased to have finalised the lease negotiation with the Dockers which means we can get on with creating a fantastic asset for the whole community to enjoy," he said.

"After many months of negotiations, council has made a robust commercial decision which provides the best value for ratepayers and maintains a healthy ongoing relationship between the City and the Fremantle Football Club."

Fremantle Football Club president Dale Alcock said:

"It has been a very collaborative process to arrive at this outcome with the City of Fremantle.

"We are also pleased that our building at Fremantle Oval will continue to be an important asset for the City of Fremantle and that our ongoing presence will form part of the long-term agreement with the City."

The redevelopment of the Fremantle Oval precinct is one of two priority projects identified by council (the other being the redevelopment of the South Quay area of Fremantle Port) for their potential to generate jobs, revitalise currently underutilised assets and maximise social and economic benefits to the state.

A key outcome of the lease agreement is the ability for the City to utilise the oval buildings as temporary offices later this year.

Temporary administration offices will be required while the current council building is demolished and new offices built as part of the $270m renewal of Kings Square in the Fremantle city centre.

Sponsorship agreement

Separate to the lease agreement, the City and the Dockers are currently negotiating a long-term sponsorship deal for the Dockers to retain a strong presence in their spiritual home of Fremantle.