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2 months ago in Sustainability
Another option for Fremantle green waste

City of Fremantle residents now have another option for disposing of green waste from their gardens.

The City of Fremantle already offers a green waste verge collection, a FOGO bin that gets emptied every week and the free disposal of green waste at the Fremantle Recycling Centre.

Now City of Fremantle residents can also take advantage of free green waste disposal at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council’s Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) in Canning Vale.

The RRRC Green Waste Processing Facility creates mulch from the clean green waste gathered by council verge collections. Green waste is also accepted from residents and commercial operators who bring it to the RRRC on trailers.

Previously City of Fremantle residents delivering green waste to the RRRC were charged a fee, but now City residents can drop off three standard trailer loads of household green waste per year for free.

A standard trailer load is around 1.5 cubic metres.

To take advantage of the offer residents simply need to bring along their City of Fremantle waste voucher letter, which was delivered with the annual waste calendar, and photo ID showing their address as proof of residence.

The City of Fremantle is a member of the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC), which is a statutory local government authority.

Member councils work together through the SMRC to develop environmentally sustainable waste management solutions and climate change abatement measures.

The RRRC is located at 350 Bannister Road in Canning Vale and is open seven days a week from 8am-4pm.

All the green waste delivered to the RRRC is converted into high quality mulch, with no residual waste going to landfill.

There are some materials that aren’t accepted so check the Green Waste Processing page on the SMRC website for details.

The City of Fremantle rolled out FOGO (Food Organic Garden Organic) bins to more than 11,000 households in September last year as part of the new three-bin waste management system.

The FOGO bin is emptied every week and can be used to dispose of grass clippings, flowers, weeds, small branches and leaves, as well as organic kitchen scraps.

The Fremantle Recycling Centre on Montreal Street is open 12-4pm Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

City of Fremantle residents can drop off for free one trailer load of clean green waste per day, and on the way out can also pick up free mulch.

The City’s next green waste verge collection is scheduled for May 2021.