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11 October 2021
City of Fremantle encourages community kindness for Mental Health Week

The City of Fremantle is proudly supporting WA Mental Health Week (9–16 October 2021) and is encouraging residents to look out for each other and promote kindness within our community.

Mental Health Week is an annual celebration which aims to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the community by:

  • Encouraging each of us to support and look out for one another
  • Promoting mental health literacy and self-care tips
  • Raising awareness of mental health issues and reducing the stigma associated with seeking support.

This year’s Mental Health Week is ‘Mental health starts with our children'. The theme recognises how a person’s mental health reflects the interaction of a lifetime of individual and lifestyle factors with a range of environmental, community and family risk factors.

For both children and adults, taking care of basic needs for shelter, food, warmth and rest are essential to mental wellbeing.

To help the community get involved with mental health awareness throughout the month of October, the City has partnered with Act Belong Commit to offer a range of free events, activities and workshop opportunities.

City of Fremantle Health and Wellbeing Community Development Officer Sam Hegney said the City was also encouraging residents to spread kindness through a Community Kindness Card initiative.

“The Act Belong Commit Community Kindness Cards will be distributed at local schools, community groups and City facilities and venues,” Mr Hegney said.

“Community members may receive a random act of kindness who are then encouraged to be kind to someone else and pass the card on.

“People can share their stories and acts of kindness with the City by tagging us on social media.”

Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy, which is why the City is encouraging people to get involved in the Act Belong Commit activities taking place throughout October.

To find out more and to get involved this October, visit