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28 June 2024
Deferral of underground power service charge

To give ratepayers in South Fremantle and City South more time to understand the benefits of underground power, the City of Fremantle has decided to defer the collection of a service charge as part of the 2024/25 rates.

The City appreciates the engagement with residents to date, through community information sessions and has taken into consideration formal submissions made about the project.

The City remains committed to participating in Western Power’s Targeted Underground Power Program which will improve the amenity of the area by putting the power underground, instead of replacing the ageing infrastructure with new poles and overhead wires.

To ensure better understanding of the benefits and requirements of the project, the City will continue to engage with the community and share significant project updates over the next 12 months. This will provide opportunity for a more informed conversation prior to the 2025/26 budget.


The City of Fremantle signed a memorandum of understanding with Western Power for this project in July 2023, after the successful undergrounding of Hilton’s electricity infrastructure in early 2023.