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4 months ago in Arts & culture
FAC Chats podcast supporting artists

Fremantle Arts Centre has launched a new series of podcasts aimed at promoting and supporting local artists and musicians during COVID-19.

The podcast ‘FAC Chats’ involves FAC Events Coordinator David Craddock and other staff at the Arts Centre interviewing musicians, visual artists and craftspeople in an effort to connect them and their artwork with the Fremantle community while they are unable to physically show their work.

In addition to providing an insight into artists’ work, the episodes provide a way for the community to support artists by purchasing their work, recordings, merchandise or tickets to rescheduled events.

The first two episodes are interviews with musicians whose gigs at FAC were affected by COVID-19.

The first episode features musicians Tom Fisher, Grace Newton-Worsdworth, Justin Fermino and Brian Kruger discussing how COVID-19 is severely disrupting concerts as we know them and how WA musicians are dealing with the downtime.

The second episode features Triffids members 'Evil' Graham Lee and Robert McComb telling the story of how a series of unreleased demo recordings by Robert’s brother and Triffids' frontman David McComb were uncovered and bought to life by his dear friends as part of the brand new album and live show 'Truckload of Sky: The Lost Songs of David McComb'.

In Episode 3, released today, Curator André Lipscombe selects six significant and diverse works out of the more than 1500 artworks in the Fremantle Art Collection as part of a virtual gallery talk.

You can subscribe to FAC Chats on iTunesSpotify or Google Play or listen to it on the Fremantle Arts Centre website.