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2 weeks ago in Sustainability
Fremantle Recycling Centre gets a boost

The City of Fremantle has welcomed a state government grant to establish a Household Hazardous Waste disposal facility at the Fremantle Recycling Centre.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) includes items like aerosols, batteries and paint that can’t be disposed of in household bins. It does not include items such as asbestos, used motor oil, tyres or industrial or commercial waste.

The $50,000 grant will be used to build the HHW storage facility, plus purchase equipment to enable City of Fremantle staff to safely accept, handle and store the dropped off HHW materials.

The HHW program is funded through the state government's Waste Levy and delivered in partnership with the Waste Authority and the Western Australian Local Government Association.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the new facility would provide another boost to recycling rates in Fremantle.

“Data released by the state government last year showed the City of Fremantle was ranked in the top five of Perth’s best recyclers, but we’re always looking for ways to improve,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“The Fremantle Recycling Centre already offers a fantastic service where residents of Fremantle and East Fremantle can drop off recyclable items and household junk, and it also has the great little re-use shop where people can pick up some second-hand bargains.

“The Recycling Centre has also been chosen as a refund point for WA’s new container deposit scheme, where people will be able to drop off empty bottles, cans and cartons and claim a 10 cent refund for every eligible container they hand in.

“The new the Household Hazardous Waste facility will be another great addition to the Recycling Centre and help get our recycling rates up even higher.”

The HHW facility is expected to be operational by late 2020. It will be open to all households, not just those in Fremantle, and will be free to use.

Once collected, materials will be recycled where possible (metal tins, plastic containers, batteries, fluorescent lights, gas cylinders, aerosol cans etc.). Materials such as flammable liquids and paint will be recycled into fuel for specialist applications, and acids and alkalis are neutralised and disposed of safely. 

More information on the disposal of hazardous household waste, including what can and cannot be dropped off, and how to safely transport HHW, can be found at Household Hazardous Waste page on the Waste Authority website.

The Fremantle Recycling Centre, opposite the golf course on Montreal Street, is currently closed to protect the health of City staff and the community from COVID-19, but a drive-thru recycling service is available.

For more information on the Fremantle Recycling Centre visit the Waste and Recycling page on the City of Fremantle website.