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21 June 2022
Freo's Esplanade EV charging stations ready to go

The City of Fremantle’s electric vehicle charging stations are now live and ready to charge in their new location at the Esplanade Reserve.

The four 22 kilowatt charging points are compatible with most electric vehicles, with a one-hour charge giving between 18-40 kilometres of driving distance depending on the car.

There are also two standard 240 volt charging points, which means all current electric cars can be charged up using the appropriate cables.  

Chair of the WA Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicles Association Ant Day thanked the City of Fremantle for its ongoing support of the EV community.

“The AEVA promote EVs and advocate for their uptake at a local, state and federal level, holding expos and drive events to showcase all types of electric vehicles,” Mr Day said.

“The City of Fremantle has hosted several electric vehicle events in partnership with the AEVA and we look forward to attending more in the future.

“Electric vehicles can be powered with renewable energy, they’re quiet, powerful, have zero tailpipe emissions and they also require little to no maintenance.

“Transport in Australia is the third largest contributor to carbon emissions and one of the ways to drastically reduce this is to move to electric vehicles.

“There are now more than 300 EV charging points across the state, and more are coming online all the time.

“The Fremantle chargers are conveniently located at the Esplanade, making it easy for EV drivers to charge their vehicles and experience all that Fremantle has to offer.”

Fremantle Mayor Hannah Fitzhardinge said the City was happy to be supporting the transition to electric vehicles and a more sustainable transport future.

“Sustainable travel and reducing carbon emissions are both important principles in the City’s One Planet Action Plan,” Mayor Fitzhardinge said.

“Having these chargers at the Esplanade will hopefully not only encourage more people to take up electric vehicles, but also to drive down and spend a great day in Freo.”

The City of Fremantle’s EV charging stations had to be moved from their original location at the Cappuccino Strip car park to make way for the new Fremantle Police Complex.

Their new location is at the Esplanade Reserve car park (car park 11) on Marine Terrace.

While the drivers of electric cars will still have to pay for parking, charging their cars will be free.