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05 November 2020
Proof of concept to connect Fremantle and Murdoch

Local governments south of Perth have united to develop a plan to better connect Fremantle and Murdoch to create vibrant communities in between and to encourage greater use of public transport. The concept is outlined in a short promotional video released by the South West Group. 

The South West Group, a collection of six councils from Fremantle and Melville down to Rockingham, is asking that detailed planning for this important east-west link to begin now.

This concept includes a public transport service that provides a much needed east-west connection within the Perth transport network.

“Two transport modes are ideal for this service: trackless trams and light rail. Other transport modes could be suitable as long as they provide the same transport and economic development and social benefits,” said South West Group Director Tom Griffiths.

The work includes detailed transport engineering analysis from global consultancy company Arup that looked at a variety of route options. As well as improving access to the places along the route, the link will drastically improve accessibility to the hospitals and universities at both ends of the route.

New developments that would benefit from the public transport link include Bull Creek district shopping centre, Murdoch University, Heart of Beaconsfield and the Knutsford project.

“The corridor could comfortably accommodate 6500 dwellings in the short-term, and another 5500 dwellings in later stages. When long-term opportunities like future development of Victoria Quay in Fremantle are also added, that figure could be far greater,” said Mr Griffiths.

“The key is to unlock the underutilised land between Fremantle and Murdoch, creating opportunities for people to live closer to where they work, study and play. But investment in public transport infrastructure is needed to accelerate that positive change,” Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said.

“This concept has great support from so many stakeholders including Murdoch University, Hesperia Property, Stockland, Committee for Perth, the Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, to name just a few. These highly regarded organisations support our local governments in asking for this route to be included in future stages of Metronet,” said the South West Group’s Chair Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett.

“Noting the federal government’s support of an equivalent proposal from the City of Stirling, we ask that it consider providing comparable support for this proposal. We also ask that the state government commit to include this link in future stages of Metronet and undertake a full business case,” Melville Mayor George Gear said.

“While we’ve undertaken detailed technical analysis for this specific corridor and developed the promotional material for it. We’d also like Metronet to include other important links such as the Rockingham foreshore to Train Station link, and a link from Cockburn Central to Fremantle via Cockburn Coast,” said Mr Griffiths.