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29 May 2023
Property revaluations explained

Landgate values all metropolitan properties in WA for rating and tax purposes every three years.

Local properties were last valued in 2019 making 2023 a valuation year.

The Gross Rental Value, or GRV, represents the gross annual rental that a property might reasonably be expected to earn annually if it were rented, including rates, taxes, insurance and other outgoings. For non-residential properties, GST is also included.

The valuations look at a variety of considerations including where the property is located, size, age, what it is made of and whether it has extra features like a pool or shed. It will also take into account any additions, improvements, demolitions, sub-divisions or amalgamations that have been made to a property since 2019.

These valuations are used by local governments, government agencies and emergency services as a basis to determine property rates, service charges and levies.

All properties within a local government area are assessed at the same date to ensure a fair and equitable assessment.

For more info on the GRV please visit the Landgate website.